Collection materials and shipment of containers for humanitarian aid.

¿Qué es Ayuda Contenedores?        What is Container Help?

AYUDA CONTENEDORES is an organization that aims to assist NGDOs in shipping containers of humanitarian aid to different countries. Our commitment and guide of action is the defence of the fulfilment of Human Rights. We fight to eradicate inequality and we do so by favouring synergies with other NGODs, Associations, Companies and Public Institutions.  The rigor of the tasks undertaken marks our activity as we work in contact and direct action with that operate within a framework of professionalism and responsibility. All work is carried out entirely by volunteer staff. Our performance has two main lines of work:

  1. Collection and storage of donated materials for their selection, repair and packaging.
  2. Shipment of containers and trailers and follow-up. We take care of all the logistics for contracting, administrative tasks, tracking and loading of containers. In 2022, from January to November, 40 containers were sent to Africa, Asia and South America. including several support containers to Ukraine.

ESC volunteers would be incorporated into the activities we propose: 1. Reuse and recycling with various workshops on mechanics, carpentry, painting, collection trips and meetings with donors and 2. the International Shipping activity with the workshops of selection, cleaning and preparation of materials, filling and departure of international containers, monitoring of arrival in the countries Hundreds of donors offer us their used and perfectly reusable materials, public and private institutions, hospitals, educational centres, companies and many, many individuals, such as: hospital beds, medical equipment, sanitary material, desks, blackboards, school material, industrial material, construction material, agriculture, work vehicles, bicycles, wheelchairs, computers, toys, food, clothing…


The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance for room and board, in addition to pocket money, so that he/she can share an apartment with other volunteers in the city or with other young people and manage his/her own food. Pamplona is a city with a bicycle lane and a bicycle will be at your disposal.


A tutor will be in charge of the support for the development of your training, facilitating the participation in the training upon arrival and in all the training activities of the Spanish National Agency.  Likewise, you will have a person to guide you in the specific tasks to be developed and a team will be in charge of training you in the different workshops that require your collaboration.


We would like to welcome young people who are enthusiastic about working in a team, interested in developing manual skills, willing to learn mechanical repair of bikes, machines; willing to select and order materials; to check and prepare computers, to go to other cities to collect materials.  We need young people who are interested in being «handyman» and who find it important to recycle, reuse and above all to support other countries.